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Our production
Electric heated glass

Electric heated glass - glass, on at least one of the surfaces of which a heating element is located. When voltage is applied to the heating element, the glass heats up.

Electric heated glass can be made using:

  • Glasses with a transparent metallized coating;
  • Glasses with metal spirals;
  • Glasses with a heater applied with ceramic paint.

All manufacturing methods are possible as part of laminated glass and/or insulating glass units.

Electric heating glass is used for:

  • Snowmelt;
  • Space heating;
  • Avoiding condensation
Strained glass
Tempered glass is a hardened glass obtained by heating and subsequent rapid cooling of the base glass, which has a safe (without the formation of large fragments) fracture pattern.

Bent glass

Bent (curved) glass - non-flat glass.
Laminated glass
Laminated glass is a product consisting of two or more glasses glued together with a special polymer film or photocurable composition capable of holding fragments upon impact. Produced by pressing with heating. Belongs to the group of safety protective glasses. When broken, the fragments of such glass do not scatter, but remain on the adhesive layer. Laminated glass can withstand more deflection than conventional glass of the same thickness.
Glass with variable transparency

PDLC glass is a construction made of glass and a polymer film containing a gel with liquid crystals. When an electric current is applied, the glass transitions from a matte state to a transparent one in the range from 10% to 78%.

SPD glass is a construction made of glass and a polymer film containing a gel with liquid crystals. When an electric current is applied, the light transmission of the glass product changes in the range from 2% to 48%.

Glass with eavesdropping protection
Anti-peep glass - a glass construction with a translucent metallized screen that reflects high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. Used as eavesdropping protection.
Glass with increased strength characteristics

Glass with increased operational (strength) characteristics - safe in operation, shock-resistant, burglary-resistant, bullet-resistant glass - laminated glass with protection classes according to GOST 30826, various shapes - flat, bent, rectangular, figured. For the manufacture of laminated glass, transparent, mass-colored glass can be used; glass with sun protection properties and special coatings - hard, soft and others. Glasses can be strengthened by thermal and ion-exchange methods.

  • Safety glass in operation - withstands impact with a soft or hard object;
  • Impact-resistant glass - withstands impact from a freely falling solid object;
  • Burglary-resistant glass - withstands multiple blows with a hard object (axe);
  • Bulletproof glass - protects against bullets from firearms, as well as from glass fragments.
Double-glazed windows

A double-glazed window is a structure consisting of two or more glasses hermetically connected to each other using a spacer frame and sealants, forming a closed space filled with dried air or an inert gas.

As part of a double-glazed window can be used:

  • Energy saving glass;
  • Multifunctional glass;
  • Curved glass;
  • Strained glass;
  • Laminated glass;
  • Electric heating glass;
  • Glass with variable transparency;
  • Glass with digital color printing;
  • Glass with increased strength characteristics.
Silk screen printing on glass

Silk screen printing on glass is a method of printing texts and images using special screen grids:

  • Printing in one color;
  • Uniform, dense filling;
  • Resistance to mechanical stress;
  • Available in flat and bent design;
  • Possible as part of laminated glass or double-glazed window.


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