Pump stations for pumping water (NSPS) are designed for pumping water in field gathering systems and at technological installations for various purposes. NSPV can be used as an internal pumping station, a booster pumping station for sending prepared water to the BKNS, as well as a pumping water supply for various technological processes.

NSPV are one or more block modules of full factory readiness and include mounted and connected pumping equipment, valves, process pipelines, an automated control system and other auxiliary equipment. Stations are delivered to the place of operation ready for connection to production lines and engineering networks, which significantly reduces the time for putting the equipment into operation.

The number of block modules depends on the performance of the NSPV, the number of pumps and the composition of the process equipment.


  • Machine room - pumping units, piping with filters and valves;
  • Automated control unit;
  • Energy hall - blocks of transformers, switchgears, soft starters, etc.
  • Auxiliary capacitive equipment;
  • Service platforms;
  • Interconnect communication equipment;
  • Security and life support systems;

The water pumping station is a block-modular building consisting of modules. The dimensions of the building are determined depending on the dimensions of the pumping units and their number.

Shelter blocks are equipped with an electric or water heating system, lighting, ventilation, gas control and fire alarm sensors and lifting mechanisms. For the convenience of servicing pumping units, service platforms are provided.

Steel structures are manufactured in accordance with all requirements. Bearing structures and pipelines are subjected to anti-corrosion treatment.

The level of automation of the station allows operation without the constant presence of maintenance personnel directly at the devices and units.

Automatic emergency protection and blocking of technological equipment is provided in case of emergencies, emergency and technological signaling is transmitted by the control system to the control room.


  • 1

    The supplied units are equipped with automated control systems for equipment and processes, which allow operating the stations without the constant presence of maintenance personnel

  • 2

    Possibility of complete automation of the station through the use of actuated valves

  • 3

    High ergonomics of blocks

  • 4

    Ease of service work

  • 5
    Lack of possibility of unauthorized access to equipment
  • 6

    Possibility of complex delivery of the station together with tanks, operator, fire and other auxiliary units

  • 7

    Convenience of equipment logistics

  • 8

    Reducing the cost of construction and installation work


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